CCTV surveillance system

We install & service security CCTV cameras, duplex monitors, control panel, digital DVR’s & NVR’s. We supply IP, GSM and manual cameras for indoors, night vision, infrared, motion sensitive to miniature spy cameras.

Man Guarding Services

We provide Security Guarding Services
For Residential premises, Events, Commercial Properties, Construction Site.
At Ultra Locus we treasure our clients and their properties, well guarded by our finest security guards, who are trained with the highest discipline possible to have the best customer service, quick thinking in tough situations and sustain all kinds of environment.

Gate & Garage Automations

Automatically open and close your gate from the comfort of your car or house using a remote control or mobile phone. We provide formidable and higly secure automated and eletronic sliding gates at client premises.

Automatic Alarm Systems

We install & Service automatic alarm systems for homes, business premises and government institutions.

Fleet Management

The reluctance of vehicle owners to install safety devices has also been a major contributory factor. Increasing number of vehicles and growing population is something that our security forces are unable to deal with & it requires us to take measures to protect our own assets. A GPS based vehicle tracking system can help you locate your car using a mobile phone or the internet

Access Control Systems

We provide electronic access control services that grant various levels of entry and exit into and out of premises for staff members and visitors at client’s premises.Daily, Weekly or Monthly report of who went where and what time, can be availed through a computerized log. Should any attempted entry into unauthorized areas be made, an alarm is activated.

Video Intercoms

We install and service video intercoms ( Wired and wireless).

Security Scanners & X-rays

These are scanners used to detect metals hidden or any other forbidden items. It scans luggage, human beings, etc.

Metal Detectors

We provide detection services through the use of automatic detection devices for arms, explosive devices etc

Fire Fighting Ecquipments

We install and service fire and smoke equipments in premises. They are aimed at alerting clients of the outbreak of a fire start so that immediate measures may be taken to put it out; evacuate personnel and call for fire fighters long before it becomes dangerous.

Live Monitoring Solutions

Technology has definitely made life easier in most spheres from the mobile phones to the robots that work in industries in the developed world. Ultra locus installs and services live monitoring systems at clients premises.

Manual Panic Alarm Systems

Satelite Phones

We supply satellite phones that work in all weather, hard to break with an emergency button and Car kit.


Ultra Locus provides IP video conferencing solutions, Helping organizations make the transition to an internet-driven world with instant communication, creating an immersive, face to face experience over the internet,  empowering users to collaborate with each other effectively.

Unified Communications

We have extensive strength in these ares:

Telephony and voice, visual communications, collaborative work space, conferencing messaging, social collaborations, Telecommunication management.

Undervehicle Mirror Scanner

We provide detection services through the use of automatic detection devices for arms, explosive devices etc

Electric Fencing

We install & Service electric fencing.
Securing perimeter walls to discourage and stop unwanted persons from gaining entry into customer premises.